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The inspiration behind Alfred Dunn is to create a single platform for consumers to get access to all the financial services they need in one place.

The mission of Alfred Dunn is to act as a trusted financial advocate for all client financial needs with specific focus on Wealth Management, Mortgages, Protection and Accountancy services. One of the main goals of Alfred Dunn is to educate consumers on managing their own finances and to provide the right experts at the right time to ensure effective and efficient delivery. 

immy profie.jpeg
Imran Khalid

With Over 25 years xxxx

Sukh Danda profile.jpeg
Sukh Dandha
Head of Wealth Management Practice

Sukh began working at LTSB in 1988 and enjoyed a very successful 30 years service with them, this included being ranked the number 1 financial advisor with Lloyds Banking Group for the last 4 years. He is highly respected by customers and colleagues alike and puts customer service at the forefront of his proposition.

mustafa 3.jpg
Mustafa Hawa
Head of Accountancy Practice

Mustafa has worked as an Accountant for over 30 years with experience of running small start ups all the way to leading huge corporates. He has been ranked xxxx. managing over 250 clients there is no stopping him.. 

Rhys Profile.jpeg
Rhys Schofield
Head of Mortgage Practice

Rhys has worked in Financial Services industry for the last 12 years, winning a number of accolades along the way. He has overseen 27 mortgage brokers where he won top Divisional Director for Just Mortgages in 2018. Keen to develop a fantastic customer journey to its full potential by creating an end to end process that clients feel at the heart of.

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