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Business Protection

Business protection insurance protects a company financially when its owners or employees are affected by illness or death. It can help support owners in making sure their business survives in challenging times. Your clients already understand the need to protect their business premises and equipment. However, many forget about their most valuable asset – their staff. The death or critical illness of a key employee or co-owner can seriously impact on a business, financially as well as the loss of key knowledge. Business protection can help ensure the long term financial health of the business during difficult circumstances.

Key Person Cover

Key person cover protects businesses if an employee who significantly contributes to their success becomes terminally or critically ill, or dies.

Partnership Protection

Partnership Protection provides partners with the cash flow necessary to buy back the ownership stake of a partner or member of a limited liability partnership who has died or taken ill.

Business Loan Protection

Business loan protection gives co-owners cover for any business loan payments that may be at risk, in the event of death or illness

Relevant Life Insurance

Allows business owners to provide their employees with death-in-service benefits. Pays out a lump sum on death or terminal illness. tax-efficient for the business and the employee.

Shareholder Protection

Allows for a planned succession of a shareholder or partner’s business stake should they fall ill or die, with options such as required buybacks.

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