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TABLEAU Consulting Services

Tableau is a top data visualisation programme that will alter the way you view information. ALFRED DUNN's Tableau consulting specialists will assist you with connecting to your data with ease, producing powerful visuals, and disseminating them around your organisation so you can find possibilities more quickly.

TABLEAU Consulting Services

Proof of Concept

Although you have heard many positive Tableau user success stories, you are unsure about how they can benefit you. Do not worry; we can thoroughly examine your data requirements and produce a precise success plan. Our experts lay out a detailed plan of what they will accomplish for you and how it will genuinely help your company. We will always take care of your data demands, so you can relax.

Project Planning

Understanding the direction of your data analysis requirements is one of the most crucial aspects in the data visualisation process. This can be a difficult task to take on by yourself. It is the exact opposite with ALFRED DUNN. We can offer results that will please you by utilising our cross-industry expertise, years of consulting experience, and a tight cooperation with your team.

Server Consulting

Tableau Server is the ideal place for your spectacular data visualisations to call home. You can simply access and distribute dashboards around your organisation with Tableau Server. Your data is kept secure by comprehensive security and governance. Regardless of your level of experience, our Tableau Server specialists can assist in creating the best server configuration to promote user adoption.

Analysis Consulting

When you are unable to finish the analysis on your own, we can do it for you. If you need accurate insights quickly, our ad hoc consulting service is an excellent option. Either from scratch or by enhancing what you've already created. In either case, after using us, you'll be perplexed as to why all analytics projects aren't as simple.

Accountancy Contact

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